Do You Think Any Difference Between Career Vs Job?

Difference between Career Vs Job

Do You Think Any Difference Between Career Vs Job?

If you not think difference; You should read this!
After getting difference, You’re able to do your work with more efficiently.

A career or get a new job, what words are best describing your work habits? Do you think and then speak about the things on which you get paid for? What are you prefer to describe your work habit? Is it ‘my career is’? Or ‘my job is’?

Do You Think Any Difference Between Career Vs Job?
Career Vs Job

What you think about yourself a ‘career concerned with’ or a ‘career minded’? Perhaps, you think a career as something that comes by only the series of qualification? Having a career is better or having a job is better either they are the same terms?Or there’s any difference career Vs job?

People Thoughts Related to Career and Job

Generally people assume the two are different only by definition. Can they be separated in reality? But there is one of the biggest differences in a career and job is having an attitude and thoughts. So you need to read this first before going to jump and down and list your qualification. You can see that a job and a career have so many ideas, doubt and lies around for example:

  • Make your mind that a job does not contain a career but a career contains so many jobs.
  • A job refers to an end but a career is more personally fulfilling.
  • A job paid lower but a career pay according to your desire.
  • A career is harder to get than getting a job.
  • A career includes many qualification and certificates than a job.

Your Career Gives You!

If you decided to have a career with well pays, that is full of advancement, movement and promotional opportunities. You need so many qualifications and certifications to get start a career.

At first you love with your career but after some time you detest it. You should cry after the holidays. This type of career is not suits to your passion and purposes but you have to working because you need to pay the bills.

Your Job Gives You!    

On the other side, if we talk about job then you paid very less through job. But you don’t require any higher qualification and certificates. This job is not enough well paid to meet your all expenses but you worthwhile in other ways. Otherwise you love to your job and everything about it like the people, the tasks, the day-to-day role and the customers. Hence you don’t think a job in the way you think about career.


You should clear both terms in your mind by reading their definition:

Career: A career is describes as a chosen hobby, occupation and profession. Mainly focus on the word chosen because you choose career according to your desire. You may get the appropriate and briefly description on career by checking another article on Career Information.

Job: While a job is a task or series of tasks that is assigned by a specific person on which you get paid. In this case, you don’t have an option of ‘chosen’ you only do a series of tasks that you’re assigned.

Words You Choose to Describe Your Path

When you are doing a task under conservation and paid for it you should use job element. Job is something that is under the career. The people who have a career, definitely have a job, but others who have a job would only have a job. Job holders get paid for the task only that fits to their career choice. But the people who have jobs also want to get a career choice.

In other words, you can say that a career is full of choices, a thing in which you can use your full skills, talents and experiences. Career is not a ‘job’ or a ‘task’ it is a life-long journey in which you can fully uses you strengths, powers and interpersonal skills. You have to compensate on your family, relationships and leisure for the career. Although, career requires full attention to start-up its basis.

A Career and A Job  

So now what you think about a career and a job? Are they really different to each other or not? They are actually different by the definitions. The job we get to fulfill our all requirements really better with the alignment of career journey. When we are working to sit at a place, they ensure our feelings, emotions, passion and purposes. Job hunting and career changes go simultaneously in our life as we required job at one stage of life but after few time we definitely need a career choice. In this regard, a best career consulting makes your life so beautiful!

You may read an article from Ezinearticles to more clear the concept of career Vs job:

Probably You’re a Consultant of Your Field; Signs You may Notice

Probably You’re a Consultant of Your Field; Signs You may Notice

You’re what? A consultant! Probably this word get many thoughts in your mind, most thoughts are negative. You’ve heard jokes, seen cartoons and watched movies but you never thought yourself as a consultant.

Might be you were a director of training of engineering but not a consultant. The people who worked for you were technicians and engineers in their field not consultants. The people you worked with might be engineering managers not clients.

But after, many years you trained people in consulting skills, you might hear comment over and over “I never thought myself as a consultant.”

The 9 Signs You Might Notice

Mostly people don’t know their role in the field they worked. I offer 9 signs that may help you in getting a view about your role. May be you’re an internal consultant but you don’t know about it. This article will clearly define you in the society:

  • You’re working in a professional area of expertise.
  • You’re working in an area that provides support to others departments and divisions. i.e; administrative services, business improvement process, communications, finance, human resource, finance, law, IT, OD, learning and development, project management, purchasing, recruiting or training etc.
  • May be your job title refers to the words like advisor, consultant, HR, improvement, analyst, IT, process, performance, productivity, relationship, safety, research, strategist, productivity, specialist or training.
  • You refer to the others for a job purpose and something else you serve as your business partner, line managers, customers and clients.
  • You see somebody in a problem, you want to help them and solve their issue with the adequate solution.
  • You may find that your friends, colleagues, relatives and others come to you to get assistance to resolve some issues specially “at the last moment”.
  • Sometimes others have very complicated expectations that seem you hard to understand.
  • You often feel like that others not value you and unable to see your credibility.
  • Often you suggest something best to somebody but he is not agreeing to purchase your recommendation.

Now if your answer is “Yes” and you accept any 4 of them, you should be an internal consultant.


How Consulting Proves Helpful in Building Your Personality?

Don’t worry. Life as a consultant can be a great if you shift your thinking as a consultant. When you learned more and more about consulting, you way of thinking about different things began to change. You’re starting to realize that what you did was consulting. So, if you want to be successful toy need to react like a consultant and develop your consulting skills.

For example, you need to learn from listen is more important than you talked. Mostly try to answer the questions instead of making statements. Try to change your way of conversation when you feel there’s something not going well instead of getting frustrated or angry.

The result of adopt these qualities built your personality and create trust and credibility in your relationships which leads to be partnership and being a trustable advisor!

How to choose right Career best tips

How to choose right Career best tips

A Career defines as “A representational journey of a person after getting education and taking work experience in a specific field of life”. A career make possible for an individual to meet their needs in the society by using his/her skills to earn money. Through a career he/she can better survive in the society.

But the main issue to having a career is to choose best according to your personality, to your interests and to your desires. A right career is too hard to select. As it is depends on ones interests. Most individuals don’t know about their interests and they choose a career by counseling with others. They may be his/her father, mother, friend, teacher and relatives.

Unless you don’t decide that what you are? And what you want to become? You never ever select a right career. Here is mentioning some important facts that will helpful to you to decide your right option/career.

What are Your Interests?

First of all, consider your interests, is the main fact to select a right career. Here we are going to mention three points that refers to your interest are:

Your Dream Career

Everyone have dreams for career. But the dreams that we have are not clear. We just think not sure that the specific career really proves helpful for us in future. Here are mention some dreams regarding to career:

  • If you want to become a musician, the best line for you to do audio engineering or music composition. If you choose career according to your desire there are more chances to be succeed except any other career.
  • Likewise if you want to become an actor, join media broadcasting. You can get a degree of communication and then work with a news channel or a television studio.
  • Just like as you have a dream to travel whole world, you can join a travel agency or join airline steward. This is truly a great way to turn your dreams of travel the globe into reality by earning money also.
  • Your Hobbies Regarding to Career

It is too easy to turn your hobbies into your future career. If you have any hobby than you must have skills to keep it up in future. By adopting your Hobby as a career, proves to be very helpful to you. You don’t need to learn other skills to select a career. Consider what you like to do and how it fits in your life:

  • Such as if you like Video Games you may become a video game designer or programmer.
  • If you are interested in drawing or art, you may have degree in fine arts and become a graphic designer.
  • If you like sports, consider to a teacher or a coach.
  • Which One is Your Favorite Subject in School?

Academic subjects prove to be more efficient regarding to career. But as it clears that any career regarding to a specific subject requires more schooling process. Your high school favorite class may be your future destiny if you are willing to work for it. Let take few examples:

  • If you like Chemistry, then you look forward in future as a lab technician or a pharmacist.
  • If you loved English class, consider to become a copywriter, editor or a teacher.
  • If you enjoyed Mathematics in your high school, consider to become an actuary, accountant or a modeling engineer.
  • What Skills Do You Have?

After having a dream career, the next thing is to develop skills regarding to the specific career. You can also creating skills at your school level. If you are interested in a specific subject, you may do an internship in your schooling. This will helps you more for your future career.

  • Consider Your Best Skills

Think about the subjects that you are really best in your high school. Make sure to have a subject which is really your favorite one. Skills include rather than study subjects. Your abilities may also include in your skills. You should be skillful in that particular subject to make your future secure.

  • What are Your Finger Tip Skills?

If you are specifically good in certain skills like making things or fixing things, this may provide you the best career opportunities. Most of companies do not demanding any schooling but excelled skills are the most important thing. Here some examples for skilled labor:

  • Carpentry, Electrician, Auto Repair and Construction work are all consider to more beneficial fields. They making things or fixing them by hands and earn a stable and well livelihood.
  • Other skills like Cooking, Stitching Cloths, Beautician works are also tends to be a great career.
  • Think about Your Interpersonal Skills   

If you have skills to manage with people by helping them or guided them so, there are also career opportunities for you. People who can communicate to other persons and interact with them, they become a great social workers or marketers.

If you are more caring about peoples you may go in nursing as an administrative assistant or an office manager.

  • Find a Suitable Advice

If you don’t have any idea about what to choose for your future career, take counseling from seniors. If you think that you are not good in anything, ask from your parents, friends and other family members to suggest you what is best for you.

Many counseling departments offer counseling to the candidates to secure their future. Nowadays, many universities and colleges also conduct counseling classes so they choose better options for their future.

How to Have a Professional Interview?

How to Have a Professional Interview?

When you are entering in a room for the interview, the main thing is your professionalism. Yours professional behavior leaves a long lasting impression on the interviewer or hiring manager. It will prominent yourself to the other candidates. Here we are going to discuss about the strategies that make your interview a professional one.

Have a Look on Your Expressions

Don’t be nervous and control your gestures. Don’t sit like a statue and don’t dozing as you looks to be lazy. If the interviewer asked a logical question then don’t be stupid by answer it very immediately. Stayed a while and think about the question, very efficiently judge all the points of such type of questions. Then answer the question.

But one thing keeps in your mind that you are focusing not only the number of questions but you are focusing on the answers of the question. The interviewer evaluated on your ability to structure for thinking. Therefore, you have to share your thoughts very well.

When you are going through in discussion with the interviewer, it’s the best way to engage with him. This proves to be helpful to you and you can further know about their requirements regarding to that post.

Don’t be hesitated to ask anything. This will make you stronger and enthusiastic for the new job. When you asked many questions it will also helpful for your future.

Sell Yourself

Every candidate tries to prove his self. For this reason, they highlight their best selling points. Make sure that you are using too much examples to prove yourself in front of hiring manager. When you are talking about your experiences, tries to leave a positive impression on hiring manager. Show him that you took all positive points on your past experience.

When you are in an interview, try to hide your all bad experiences. And focus on what you get good in your past experience. Here we are discussed some points according to sell yourself:

  • Show examples of your past strengthen points. They become very helpful to you. This is the time when all your work comes in handy.
  • Make sure that you very well know about begging and confident. At the time of interview, your skills, abilities, intelligent history is enough to give you a job. Don’t be talk in manner of begging.

Be Inquisitive

Try to ask question to the interviewer as well. Strictly notice the interviewer questions. Write down some of questions as notes so they prove to be helpful to you in future. This leaves a great impression on interviewer. Try to end-up your discussion on multiple positions.

Make sure that there is no repetition in your sentences. Don’t ask the same query in all interviews. Asks the questions that showed that you have a great search on the company working and company’s all weak points.

Be Polite

All the great scholars listen to the others first then they response. This proves to be excellent for them. They don’t response such a thing on which they have to feel shy after. Remember one thing that your interviewer never read your CV or resume. When you are going in front of him or her, at that time they take a look on your CV.

After the interview, try to send a thank you e-mail to company. It looks better to say thank you by written or by mouth. But before sending the email, make sure that your email is proofread again and again and the addressed you are mention on the email right person address. You have to show or mention your identity also on the email. There are other parts also included they are as follow:

  • Always remember to say thank you to the interview as he/she have a meeting with you.
  • Show him/her that you are really appreciated to his/her time that he/she spends on you for speaking with you.

Be Persistent

If you don’t get a job it is not a problem. If you are finding the opportunity of giving interview then you should avail yourself to this opportunity. This will make you more and more experienced. There are may be chances that after having such a plenty of interviews. You have developed such skills in yourself that the next hiring company will hire you as a Hiring Manager.

But never ever give up. Don’t be Discourage by the apparent form of your progress. May be there are some chances that when you have your first interview it will take yourself down and down. But that doesn’t mean you go down and down same after your third interview!

How to Start a Consultant Office?

How to Start a Consultant Office?

Professionalism really important to start any business

A Consultant is a person “who can helps the businessman to identify their problem areas and discover new profitable opportunities for them, thus anyhow they are the part of a business to think that what makes that business grow”. The working of consultant is counted as a “Consultancy”. Consultancy requires a lot of knowledge and a powerful assurance. Here we are going to discuss some points that you should consider when you are going to set up your own consultancy business.

Start Your Business as a Consultant

If you have experience, and going to works as a consultant. There are two options that waiting for you. One is to start your own business alone as a consultant or whether you are going to join a establish firm. There are multiple choices for you but the selection only depends on you. Here we mention some strategies to start consultancy alone or with a firm:

  • Work By Yourself : Pros
  • Develop your self-image. Any success that you are going to make is depends on your hard working and your decision making. It is a purely substantial experience.
  • As you are the Boss so control. The whole is under your charge. You can work by your own choice or by your own time. If you are trying to develop a business strategy, you have to work day and night.
  • A big advantage of start your own business is that you have not to pay the Tax. As tax do not deducted by small and newly businesses.
  • By start your own business, you are not punctual to get your salary after month or in a fixed amount. You can earn by your own choice. If you are paying more attention to your business so you can make more money. There’s no one who can have a stress on you.
  • Work By Yourself: Cons
  • At the start of your business, you have to spend days and nights to take it a level. As all businesses go on from the ground off.
  • Salary is the main issue in the starting of your own business. If you are making a handsome income then it looks to be better. But if you are not make enough money to manage your affairs then it is also depends on you.
  • In your own business, all the responsibilities are on you. Even the fate of business is also on your shoulders. Whole paper work and whole operational tasks are the responsibility of you. It is a huge burden to bear.
  • Calculate Business Expenditures

If you are going to start your business then you have to provide all basic needs to yourself. This may be different from time to time but some points are mention here that you really need to consider:

  • Rent of the office.
  • Services like internet, phone, security etc.
  • Office Supplies
  • Traveling Expense
  • Fees that is required to take any license or certificate to run your business.
  • Insurance Policy
  • Work-out To Make Your Business Legal

This is also an important part to start your business by legitimate it. If you don’t work out to make your business legal it will take you down the road. These all are few matters but you can learn about it more here:

  • The first thing to legitimate your business is to pay taxes. There are four types of taxes that you have to pay to the Federal Government: Income Tax, Self-employment Tax, Taxes for Employers and Excise Taxes.
  • The next step to legitimate your business is to select the type of your business. This will also pay in the form of tax for the required file. There are five types of businesses:
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • S Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Your state income taxes may depend on your type of business and the location where you are operating.
  • Find a Space For The Office

An office depends on what type of work you want to do. While you are selecting the office you have to consider the following things:

  • An office for rent may be very expensive to you but it feels more professional.
  • If you work at home then it more saves your money but the problem is that you feel very relaxed at home and may be you are not doing well. Office will keep you energetic and motivated.
  • Choose an office location that is comfortable to you to communicate with your customers and fulfill their needs.
  • Set the Office Up

Organize your office in well-mannered. It will Speed up your business. Your company success will depend on it.

  • An adequate paper work should be done by the clients. It will improve your legal assessments.
  • Hardware is also an essential part of your newly office. This includes mobile phones, printers, routers, telephone etc.
  • Organize the services that you really need.
  • Create an environment that fits to you by all aspects in which you can feel comfort.
  • Set Your Goals


This will make a sense of accomplishment in you. You will take your work seriously. It will develop enthusiasm for achieving your goals.

Here we are mention some short term goals for you:

  • Set a number of clients that contact to you in a day, a week or in a month. After the set client achievements, target a new one.
  • Make you relationship strong with others of the same line. They are not going to pay you but may be they expand the opportunities that you can’t get directly.
  • Spend a month or so on to analyzing the competition of the market and observe their strategy from you.

Now we are going to mention some long listed goals:

  • Earning from that business is your foremost priority. As it’s cleared that you are starting a business for earn money. It will give you a sense of keep hard work.
  • Always try to double up your revenue even though you are earning a handsome income. Every year add some energetic strategies that will make your business profitable.
  • When you analyzes that you are spending an year on your business then try to expand your business. After spending an year, you feel yourself more confidante and experienced, it will helps you to speedily run your business.
  • For more ideas to start a consultant office you may check the following link. It proves to be more valuable for you if you really want to start a business as a consultant.

How to Prepare a Perfect Resume?

How to Prepare a Perfect Resume?

Resume refers to the “ones bio-data includes recent experience, qualification and skills”. It is mainly use to seeking your desire job. At the time of Interview in a well-known organization, you take your resume to present yourself for a specific post.

Review the Purpose of the Resume

Mostly job recruiters asked for resume to the employers. Resume present employer’s goals and desires. We can also think that resume is like “Self Advertisement”. Some recruiters examine the resume of applicants very carefully. They carefully notice the index of applicant recent jobs. Is there any gap or stay from employer occur in the resume?

So these are all the points that, force us to prepare a perfect resume for the employment. Here tries best to summarize all the basics of perfect resume.

1-Start by Summarizing Your Experience

Start your resume by give an arrangement to your work experience. Your qualification and experience should be enough relevant to your next job that hiring manager will definitely selected you.

It is too easy for many people to sit down at a place with a pen and paper or spreadsheet. And after this, they write a long summary of their work experience, qualification and skills. But resume is not a detailed summary of your life. It’s a short overview that you handover to the hiring manager.

2-List Your Work Experience   

After summarization, ready a list of your experience. List your experience in a sequence. Also consider that your work experience listed in such a way that is chronological to your applying job.

You can add your awards related to specific work experience in this section. When you are making a list, it is compulsory to you to add company name, Work location, Dates of employment etc. You can add more bullets to mention further information.

3-Mention Your Achievements in Particular Jobs

If you have mentioned the work experience then mention what you get from these experiences. It’s not important what you did there. Mention your achievements in numerical manner it will stand-out your resume more.

After mention your achievements, next step is to match your skills to the company requirements. If your achievements matched to the company requirements, you consider yourself capable to the applying job.

4-What is Necessary to Enter

There are many things that can’t be important to enter on the resume. Ideally your resume is the perfect image of your past experience relevant to certain job. Hence, the experiences you entered in tour resume should be ten to fifteen years old just. Try to prepare your resume of one to two pages.

Suppose, you took a job and stayed there only for one month, then it is no important to mention this in your resume. The best way to make a resume is that you don’t any kind of event that have a bad impression on hiring manager. Just try not to enter any internship in your resume. Although, try to enter other skills to fill this gap.

But the main point is that how you can use your common sense? If you marketing Internship in college at senior year. Then it will be very helpful to you that next year you continue this line. It will make your resume more impressive.

5-How to Choose a Resume Style

Resume Style is the main part of creating a resume. Before you give your time to tie up all the data, it is compulsory to choose that which style you have selected for your resume to enter your credentials like work experience, qualification, skills          and other information. Resume style will affected your whole resume in front of hiring manager.

Nowadays, many websites offer you the samples of resumes. You don’t need to create the format by yourself. Just download the format and enter your credentials. But if one’s wants to create his format so this option is also available. Here we mention different types of resume that you can use to create your resume:

Chronological: In this type of resume style, you have to enter all your data in a sequence that is reversed. Like enter your data from most to least.

Functional:  It is only focus on your abilities and skills. Your work experience not really matter in this type of resume.

Combination: In this resume, your work experience and skills mention before your employment history.      

6-Best Resume Format for You

So it depends on you. Which type of format you wanted to show in front of hiring manager? It is about your goals and accomplishment. Your resume should be best in all aspects. By a research, it found that a recruiter spend only six minutes on your resume. So it really matters that you put your best and efficient qualities on the top most page. So they should be prominent.

Therefore, combination and functional resume is best for you. In case of, you are trying to cover-up something like gaps in your professional life or in-relevant post position.


7-Compiling Resume

After you choose your resume format, next step goes to compile it or writing your description. At first, review the examples of other resumes that how they compiled? After that, choose a template on which you can copy and paste your document and then fill your credentials.

It no matters that what type of resume you choose. But it matters how you tailor your resume after selecting format. It is a good idea to use a resume template but it is a bad idea to send same resume in a department at same post.

When you are compiling a resume, you have to take in account that your enter data should understand by a robot and human both. Because many companies uses Applicant Tracking System through this resumes sort-out in a sequence before hiring manager take a look on them. This means that your resume will stand-out in accordance to experience, skills and qualification. But you carefully use keywords as your resume recognize by the keywords you are using. It will make your resume effective and refer you in respect to experience and on applying post also.     

8-Proof-read Again and Again

Too many Professionals even not read-out again their professional stuff. It became harder to proofread your stuff again and catch yourself. Therefore, it proves to be very helpful that you have two to three friends who read your resume before you send it into consideration. This steps proves to be very useful for your resume when someone did proofreading checking of your resume before submit it for job.

So, these are all strategies on which your resume will have best impressions. We are trying to mention all necessary steps to create a resume. If you follow these steps it will make your resume as a Living Document.