Probably You’re a Consultant of Your Field; Signs You may Notice

Probably You’re a Consultant of Your Field; Signs You may Notice

You’re what? A consultant! Probably this word get many thoughts in your mind, most thoughts are negative. You’ve heard jokes, seen cartoons and watched movies but you never thought yourself as a consultant.

Might be you were a director of training of engineering but not a consultant. The people who worked for you were technicians and engineers in their field not consultants. The people you worked with might be engineering managers not clients.

But after, many years you trained people in consulting skills, you might hear comment over and over “I never thought myself as a consultant.”

The 9 Signs You Might Notice

Mostly people don’t know their role in the field they worked. I offer 9 signs that may help you in getting a view about your role. May be you’re an internal consultant but you don’t know about it. This article will clearly define you in the society:

  • You’re working in a professional area of expertise.
  • You’re working in an area that provides support to others departments and divisions. i.e; administrative services, business improvement process, communications, finance, human resource, finance, law, IT, OD, learning and development, project management, purchasing, recruiting or training etc.
  • May be your job title refers to the words like advisor, consultant, HR, improvement, analyst, IT, process, performance, productivity, relationship, safety, research, strategist, productivity, specialist or training.
  • You refer to the others for a job purpose and something else you serve as your business partner, line managers, customers and clients.
  • You see somebody in a problem, you want to help them and solve their issue with the adequate solution.
  • You may find that your friends, colleagues, relatives and others come to you to get assistance to resolve some issues specially “at the last moment”.
  • Sometimes others have very complicated expectations that seem you hard to understand.
  • You often feel like that others not value you and unable to see your credibility.
  • Often you suggest something best to somebody but he is not agreeing to purchase your recommendation.

Now if your answer is “Yes” and you accept any 4 of them, you should be an internal consultant.


How Consulting Proves Helpful in Building Your Personality?

Don’t worry. Life as a consultant can be a great if you shift your thinking as a consultant. When you learned more and more about consulting, you way of thinking about different things began to change. You’re starting to realize that what you did was consulting. So, if you want to be successful toy need to react like a consultant and develop your consulting skills.

For example, you need to learn from listen is more important than you talked. Mostly try to answer the questions instead of making statements. Try to change your way of conversation when you feel there’s something not going well instead of getting frustrated or angry.

The result of adopt these qualities built your personality and create trust and credibility in your relationships which leads to be partnership and being a trustable advisor!